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Aug 8, 2016
Northern IL
Hello from suburban northern Illinois. I'm a bio medical engineer and teacher. We decided to keep 10 hatched chicks from a UOfI extension embryology program. Of course 5 of them are Roos and we just can't keep those in our community. I did not feel right about just having them culled as soon as the farmer took them back. Now at 15 weeks of age they're getting a bit loud for neighbors.
These chickens seem to be like a cross of Black Australorph and Rhode Island Red, the hens are black with some blue/green iridescent highlights and the Roos are black bodied with Copper/orange heads. I am sure they'd be great eating, just not interested in killing them myself. They're relatively sweet for adolescent Roos. They're all on the large size already! I will post pictures later on the unwanted Roos forum.

Our coop is a large, tall 4x6 foot structure with an attached 8x10x7 foot-high run, completely enclosed in hardware cloth as there's tons of predators in our area. Our pyrennes dog does a great job watching the fenced yard during the day (we have about an acre in oak forest) but we can't leave her out at night with her barking. Besides, she's not just a working dog...

Looking forward to more great info on this site. It has been a fantastic resource for us!
Welcome to BYC
Your birds sound beautiful! Good luck with finding the roosters new homes!

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