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May 11, 2015
Sydenham Ontario
Hi. I just joined yesterday and with a few "oops" in sending a message, I think i have it.
One of my girls had an accident with a basket ball (don't ask) on sunday afternoon. I have her separated out from the other 4 and she is eating and drinking and she did lay today. I also have her on aspirin to help with any pain she is in. She won't bear weight on her right leg and her tail feathers droop a bit. She got the ball on the back. Any others idea's ? I was a vet tech for 18 years but chickens are all new to me!

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Aug 26, 2009
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Have you examined her for any signs of fracture. A spinal injury could cause the trouble walking and dropped tail. Probably a lot better to be hit there (NOT) than the head. Silkies are very prone to head injuries. I would strongly advise no more shooting hoops for her.

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