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Nov 29, 2015
Although I've been interested in having chickens I worry about them with our frequent travel so it's not in the plan for now.
However, my next door neighbor does have chickens. One hen and the rooster hop over the fence somewhat regularly. This was fine with me, they eat the bug and she was cute to see.
Until we got new puppies. Now when a chicken comes over the fence they give chase. The first time they had a run was a hen pull them away and get them inside. She was a bit frazzled but was ok. A few weeks later the rooster hopped over and lost a few tail feathers. Only caught by one dog since the other was being neutered. I made the vet diagnose the rooster from a video after. They laughed at me. At the time they said a rooster that size would hurt the puppy before the puppy would have a chance to really hurt him. Of course they've grown and are twice the size they were. Caught the rooster again pulled them off I caught the rooster and tossed him back over the fence like he did the the time before. Then the hen came back yesterday. The dogs really caught her before I could get them. She ran off through a hole in the back of my dense that she could fit through but the dogs can't before I could get her and send her home.
The question is what can I do to keep the dogs from attacking. They are labradoodles and the chickens have given such good reaction, fun of the chase, fun squawking sounds, flapping etc. I guess how do I convince them it is not fun to chase the chickens that hop the fence? I'm afraid they are going to kill one one of these times.
I am open to suggestions. Sometimes I do take them out on a leash just to be sure and it's easier to get them back inside if I'm in a hurry but first thing in the morning they run out to potty and run back in for breakfast. Unless there is a visiting bird.
Honestly this is NOT your problem - you have to speak to your neighbor and tell him his birds keep coming into your yard. I know you are kind and don't want the birds to get harmed but, apparently your neighbor doesn't give two hoots about it. Please tell him he needs to keep the birds in his own yard and why. IT is not your responsibility to keep his chickens out. YOUR puppies are fenced in, they are not running into HIS yard. Please start documenting this by taking pictures of HIS birds in your yard - along with dates and how often it happens. You might want to tell animal control so they can see it isn't your fault.

I'm sorry you have neighbors like this. You may want to patch the hole in the fence, so he can't say you were tempting the hen to come inside. He shouldn't be allowed to have live animals.
I would have to agree. The neighbor needs to worry about where his flock is, you shouldn't have to worry about your dog playing with what they see as a toy in thier yard.

But with that in mind you said you have thought about getting chickens yourself. At least for a while the chickens and dogs can not be in the same yard especially unsupervised. One of the 2 has to be cooped or chained at all times until boundaries are established. Even then you can't just let the flock roam the yard and put the dogs out to potty and just hope for the best, but eventually that will come. Right now I have my chickens in a run during the day that the dogs can't get into (except when one of the dogs opened the coop by accident, changed the latch problem sloved). My small dog isn't an issue but I have a hound also and she is learning she can watch from her side of the gate but can not go in the coop or run. I still don't leave the door or gate open at any time but she is getting better at staying out while I go back and forth with water and food. It's only been a month with the chickens and the larger dog is just over 1 year. Over time I will try to leave the coop open for brief moments while tending the flock just to be sure she stays where she should. As I feel more comfortable that she won't run after the chickens I might chain her once in a while to let the chickens roam (at least I'll know they can get away from her) and if all goes well hopefully some day my hens can free range the whole yard with the dogs. But for now the coop and run work best for my piece of mind and the chickens safety.

Talk to your neighbor, I'm sure you won't want to have to go out side with your dog's every time they want to pee or play. You shouldn't have to worry about them hurting or killing something that shouldn't be there anyways.
Welcome to the BYC flock! We are glad you joined us!


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