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Oct 4, 2017
We signed up a couple of years ago when we first started with chickens, but have not been active on the site. We have, however, benefited greatly from BYC forums that always pop up when we search for chicken info. We have a number of chickens. Our special project right now is raising 10 Ayam Cemani chicks hatched out by two broody easter eggers. We have an olive egger, black copper marans, crested cream legbar etc as we are interested in a colorful egg basket.
Thanks for BYC- it’s a great resource. Glad to be here.
Mahalo, for joining us at Backyard Chickens. I'm not a traveler but, my sister, her daughters, my brother and son have been to Hawaii often. If they could afford it, they would be living there.

Well at least I have a CD of IZ greatest hits, and two t shirts- in case one wears out.
Sadly he passed away much too soon.

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