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May 14, 2015
everyone has such great advice here! looking forward to learning much more.
So for my first question,here in utah the nights get pretty cold, my chicks are 5 & 6 weeks old. At what age can i get them out to the coop? I have 13 little ones i let them out during the warmer days to play and back inside during the night.Our night temps are around 35-40 degrees is that still to cold ?
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Yes. that is cold for chicks how bout waiting another 2 weeks for them to all be fully feathered out. If you lows are still that low, you may want to put a brooder lamp in the coop for them at night.
Welcome to BYC!

If you would like to connect with other chicken folks in UT, here is a link for you to reach them:

Sometimes it's nice to visit with others that live in your area and share ideas.

Good luck to you with your flock. Nice to have you here!

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