New Member with a problem / 2 Week Baby Chick with a Enlarged Crop

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    Mar 7, 2015
    Richmond Texas
    I'm a new member to BYC just joined have been on and off the website many many times though and love all the valuable information that it has given me. I have 9 hens / 6 Production Reds & 3 Ameraucanas & 2 roosters. Just got 6 Gold Sex Links & 6 Black Australorps

    I do have a new problem with one of my new baby chicks. She has an enlarged crop at least that is what I think. She is a Gold Sex Link that is 2 wks old. Seems fine except is very small in comparison to the other 5 [​IMG]
    Can anyone tell me if I am correct & if so what can I do to help this wee one. She seems to be eating fine & drinking. But she stays to herself. I just took her out of the brooder cause I noticed that she has some feathers missing & it looked to me that she might be getting picked on by the others. Put one of the other little Black Astralorpes in with her for company.

    Can anyone help me please!

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