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Oct 16, 2021
Hello my name is Mary I'm a new member we have had our chickens for several years now but we had to move just up the road not even a half a mile my husband left the chickens for the last thing to move.we was renting a house but the landlord got sick and we was told to move we moved just up the road to our land but there is nothing there but a storage building and it's full of our stuff until we get a trailer there is no chicken pin or coop he has just a few of our chickens that he could catch in two cages for the night.someone told him that he could just let them out of cages in the morning and to feed them and they would stay there,but I was always told growing up that you should leave them in a chicken coop or pin for a few days before letting them free range.what should we do​


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Welcome to BYC, Mary.

As to your chickens, they will need accommodations, especially if you live in a climate that gets cold winters.

A lot depends on how many chickens you have. If there are a lot, then you'll need a pretty big coop. You can buy pre-made ones, for a pretty penny, but search craigslist and you may be able to find one for a reasonable price or even free. Or you may see something that could easily be converted into a coop, in case you have someone that's handy around.

The coop should be weather proof, with ventilation at the top of it, and you'll need roosts and nest boxes at the very least.

You should leave your chickens in their cages for now, for a week or two, so they will become acclimated to the environment. Otherwise they could get lost.


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:welcome :frow Is there any way where you could consolidate some of your things in your storage building and have a small space for the birds and maybe cut a pop door in so they have access to the outdoors and possibly build them a pen so they are still able to go in at night? Can you take your old coop or whatever you were keeping your birds in to the new property? If you have some pictures you can post it may help. Good luck...

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