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6 Years
Aug 31, 2013
Sanford, NC
Hi everyone! I'm a new member who wanted to teach my children how I grew up farming and raising farm animals. So far we have adopted a white silkie, a red wydondette, 2 black barred rocks, a Drake pekin and most recently our loud silly girl duck. We also have two male Guinea pigs, an eastern box turtle, a cockatiel, a lopped earred bunny, and our dog child pitbull who behaves better than our four children most of the time. Lol. We also have a 50 gallon fishtank full of beautiful fish. We are in the process of starting a small farm here in NC since we have lots of nice pasture land and a pond. We used recycling to build our coop and run including using our children's handbuilt playhouse as the hen house and our large dog kennel as our run. It has worked out great so far. We even used recycled tires and dresser drawers as nesting boxes and it gives the smaller silkie a place to hide out and it makes for easy cleaning. My flock loves to free range and has been a joy so far. We did have to tuck our silkie in a tote inside however to allow her to get a little bigger as she is just getting her adult feathers in and all the other chickens and ducks have been picking on her so bad. We are going to build a seperate coop area with materials we already have and place another silkie or two with her so she wont be the only one like her. The rest get along great. I have found it easier on my wallet to adopt unwanted young chickens. I grew up raising chickens and pigs so I am really enjoying teaching this to my children. Reading the forums on here have really refreshed my memory and helped teach new ideas and I thank you all for the wonderful insight and for sharing! Nice to meet y'all!
silkies look so different they are frequently picked on by other breeds, the same goes for polish. Because of their crests their vision is obscured which makes it easier for predators to pick them off. They also prefer to sleep in a pile with their buddies rather than roost. There are several silkie threads on here - if you put that in the search box, some should come up
I have never raised a silkie but the wonderful family we adopted ours from had warned me that she may be picked on. She is only about ten weeks old also so I feel she needs a little more time and that by adding a couple older silkies will help. We have plenty of room for what we have and for a few more. I will definitely check out all the forums on here. I feel like a spy as i have been reading on here for a while prior to getting my flock and building my coop. Just wanted to refresh my memory and learn anything new or helpful for this adventure raising a flock and starting our farm. The kids are loving this and so am I! Glad to meet you and thanks for the great info! I will start posting pics soon.

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