new member with upcoming eggs


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
Leesburg, Ohio
hi guys! i'm new....well, i've posted a couple times already.....i use to have chickens as a teen and i fell in love with them and have wanted MORE ever since! i'm now 41 and i'm finally going to get some no matter WHAT!!! so i've got 14 bantam silkie eggs coming in about a month. i've never had silkies in my life, but i've done a lot research on how sweet they are. i live in a place that does not allow chickens, so i'm trying to find a quiet, docile breed. i know it really depends not SO much on the breed but more on how you raise them...and the personality of the individual bird....but i DO think the breed matters somewhat. i've got 14 eggs coming....i'm not going to keep any roos...and i'm sure not all will hatch, so i'm planning on a small flock. i just wanted to say hi to all! and i'm sure you'll see me posting on the "hatching chicks" portion of BYC!

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