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Jul 15, 2016
Hi all. I've been visiting BYC frequently over the past week or so and have found some great advice and finally though, I'm here that often I may as well make an account. I'm new to keeping ducks but seem to be doing well with them. I'm a proud owner of 3 Appleyards and a mallard aside from the rest of the zoo. I'm unsure of my ducklings sex as only one has quacked up to now (Appleyards). My mallards confused everyone by developing green head feathers but was apparently caught quacking this morning. Any way I'll get some of their pictures up just because like any duck they're so cute! If anyone can recommend any good plants for around the pond that will be duck safe-ish please let me know, thanks in advance
Well I know foxglove ( a flower) is ok for ducks to be around (not poisonous)!
But too many of them may cause a problem.

Plants with thorns are mostly what you should avoid.
I'll look into getting some for my enclosure as i do like foxgloves. Time to research what not to put in I guess as i don't want to poison them just because the plant looks pretty. Thorns are a definite no no as I have small children helping to tend to the pets.
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