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Aug 10, 2016
Hi All,

My name is Rudy, I live in Southern New Jersey. Currently we do not have any chickens on site, however one of my nieces chickens are hatching as we type and we are going to get up to 10 of the chicks to start our flock. I am not even sure what breed they are, but they are producing chickens and we can fill in other breeds as the need arises. I believe that first heard of at Prepper Camp 2015 in one of the seminars. Yes my wife and I are closet Prepper's. No I do not believe the nukes are coming, but with an extended power outage or storm comes we want to be prepared. We do a lot of canning and dehydrating from our garden and local farm markets.

We are converting a 10 X 16 shed into a coop, brooding and feed storage area. I do have one question, do I have to have the nesting boxes open from the outside, or can I build them to be accessed from the inside of the coop.

Back in the mid 80's, in a different life, we lived in the panhandle of Florida and we managed a small farm, raising chickens, pigs and cows. We had about 50 chickens that produces plenty of eggs and chicken dinners. Hobbies, fishing, boating, kayaking, hunting, gardening, canning and an occasional hike.

My wife and I are empty nesters, 4 children, 11 grandchildren and the 12th on the way this December. We have a female Labrador retriever age 7. My wife and I are both in insurance sales.

That's us. I am looking forward to being in this group of like minded individuals and learning from the members here. I am not the biggest social media person, but this really interests us and we want to have a healthy flock and many awesome tasting fresh eggs.
So nice to have you with us in this great community! You should have much success with your upcoming flock!
Nice to meet you Rudy, glad you found us at Backyard chickens. It never hurts to be as self sufficient as possible. Too many "what ifs," in the world.

If you join your state thread you may find other Bycers living near you. Just put "New Jersey," in the search box and it should pop up.

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