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Oct 28, 2018
Laurel, Maryland
Hello, I've had my own chickens for a few months more then a year now, I've been on backyard chickens before when my hen Lilly has been sick but never really started an account. I have a flock of seven birds at the moment with plenty of room to expand. I also collect exotic reptiles and amphibians. I bake custom cakes on the side, and I'm currently studying to become a vet tec (everything from domestic pets like cats and dogs to exotic animals to backyard fowl if i can make it through the schooling).
I live in a pretty suburban area with my family at the moment but i want to one day have space for my own homestead and keep my own barn animals, i would like to grow an organic garden one of these days for both myself and my exotic animals, except i kill every green thing i touch.
I got chickens so i could have delicious fresh eggs with those golden yolks but after a while i stopped caring if they gave me enough eggs or not and just started thinking of them as pets, that's how i came to own two old hens who don't lay and one on the verge of stopping.
But anyway it's really nice to finally know of a place i can go if I'm having issues with my flock or just want to talk with others with the feathered babies running around the backyard.
Hi! Welcome! Can I make a suggestion? Go heavy into avian. There are not many and we all need one. At least I do! Welcome and here is to your dreams and your two old friends. How lucky they are to have found you!
Yeah there's nowhere near enough vets who treat chickens and other fowl, there's none around me so I'm forced to be my flocks personal vet, which can be a good and bad thing depending on the situation. Thanks!

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