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Dec 1, 2018
Hello! My name is Naomi and I am a new chicken momma! I ha e 11 chickens total and 6 ducks. So in September we bought 10 chicks (4 who have passed ). Not to sure how old they are since the feed store never told us as well. They have all their feathers now however. We have 4 Buff Orphingtons and 2 Wyandottes. I also got my Pekin duck who is about the same age. They really didnt know anything about her since they ordered chicks and she just happened to come with lol. They are have names. The Buffs are Goldie, Dewdrop, Peep and Suzie (she is my special needs chick. Has a crooked beak and one eye doesnt fully open. Total momma's girl ). Then the Wyandottes are Speckle and Sparkle. And our duck is Daisy (of course lol). Then about a month ago we got more additions to our family ❤. We got 6 more chickens (but one fell ill and passed. Think she might of been egg bound or laying problems ). And we also got 5 more ducks. 2 of those chickens are Wyandottes as well named Mother Clucker (or Momma Hen for little ears ) and Naked Butt ( she got picked on by the ducks at their previous home).Then we now have 3 Leghorn Chickens. Still working on 2 of their names but the third one is Velvet. Then all 5 new ducks are male (didnt know that at the time lol) but they are all are mixed except one. He is my hubby's favorite. He is a domestic mallard named Blue. Then we have Cowboy, Sid, Ash and Donald .
I love getting the eggs from the chickens so far which I knew I would but I never knew how much I would love all my chickens and ducks. I cry when I lost the 5 I have already and I look forward to seeing them every morning. They all have their own personalities and quirks. My kids love them as well! They currently all share a huge pen until spring when we build the duck pen. Dont want to do it quite yet because I am afraid of the ducks drowning the chicke s trying to breed with them (hint Naked Butt).
I really like this group so far! I havent had chickens since I was little so there is so much I dont know and so much I want to learn! Sorry my post is long and thank you!


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Dec 12, 2013
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It's nice to have you here with us, thanks for joining!

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