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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon
Hello! I am brand new to chickens by accident/force and I am really loving every minute of them! In April I suddenly found myself with 2 speckled Sussex and 2 blue silkie bantam chicks, and no clue. 1 silkie died a few hours later and I was desperate for instructions! Just by browsing here I was set up in no time. My 3 girls are almost 4 months and doing great, mostly. I named them Arynjr, Duck, and fluffy. Duck got her name when I accidentally dropped her in the bucket of water trying to wash off her butt. I can't wait to learn even more as I go. These little girls are the perfect thing for occupying my affections and healing a grieving household. My uncle was the one who always raised chickens and he passed in December before he got to enjoy a new house and coop. In a fit of grief my 75year old aunt bought some chicks. We spend hours just watching and laughing

Welcome to BackYardChickens! So glad to have you here in our wonderful community of friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people!

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