Nov 8, 2014
Hi my name is Tiffany and I have 11 chickens of mixed breeds (although we discovered today that one is a roo). I have been keeping chickens for almost 10 years and really enjoy it. Thank you for all the advice I have read on this site. Just today one of my chicken injured it’s leg and I am out of town.....yikes. My friend who also has chickens took her to isolate her and i was able to guide her on how to splint the leg by reading other blogs on this site. At this same time we heard one of my 11-12 week old Baby start now Hazel is a Harold. She had me on FaceTime so I could check in on all the girls.
Here is a list of the breeds I have:
2 Easter eggers
1 Olive egger
1 Moss Egger (the roo)
2 leghorns, one white and one silver (the one who injured her leg
1 Salmon Favorelle
1 Delaware
1 Red New Hampshire
1 Buff Orpington
and 1 adult Rhode Island Red (all the others are 11 weeks old).

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