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Dec 14, 2020
I’m relatively new at raising chickens, I began my flock in March, when a mother in law brought us Cornish rock chicks.
We currently have 6 chickens (1 roo and 5 hens)
We have 3 barred rocks (one of these is a rooster), a cinnamon queen, blue Cochin, and a little leghorn (our last two where last minute rehab babies we took in ima whim)

My favourite part of raising chicken is definitely how all of the babies come waddle running to us when they hear us enter the yard, and also the fresh eggs! A little present everyday :)
My other hobbies include urban gardening, indoor plants (growing/selling), and gathering more books for my home library.
My little family has four dogs of various sizes and all our little porch kitties we feed! Our house is definitely crammed full of love for nature and animalS!
I came across BYC when I first got my Cornish babies , and had no clue what to do with them. I officially joined so I can ask questions and interact in the community!

anyways happy farming lovely’s
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Hello and welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us!

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