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Mar 8, 2011
Hello to All, from Lake City Florida. I just adore all farm animals and love this site so I can only wish to have lot's of farm animals.In past times we did get to raise rabbits-turkey's-pig's-chicken's-cat's-dog's too.I will be looking for some biddies in April,can hardly wait.And as I have waited 6 months and up for my new zealand white rabbit to reach breeding age,only to find out too late that she is a he.Man all this time wasted,but the fertilizer they put out for our garden has been well worth while.I'm just Country with a special gift of a 6 yr old little boy.And an Awesome husband that has took up painting Florida Landscapes since last year and does beautiful work.Alas though he is a recluse from the world.So little Isaiah and I stand in proxy for him and try to sell his art.He is in the North Florida Art League.Well is this enough of an introduction?Hope that I have not rambled on&on to all that are reading this post. [email protected] Thanks for an Awesome Farm Animal's site.
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