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Jun 1, 2011
hello from Vancouver island !
I am so happy to have found this fabulous forum
I am searching for some information on healing my daughter's chicken, an eagle attacked her. Poked some holes and tore off some of her skin, you can see the meat. Sorry to be graphic, its just shocking and I think we should cull her. But daughter and daddy want to save !
They sprayed disenfectant on and she is resting quietly
I look fwd to your replies
Hi Karla
and welcome from NY! Without pics to see the extent of the injuries it would be hard to say. I would say keep her warm and away from the others that might pick at the open spots. And then see how she looks after a while. I mean, is she able to walk and move around? Breathing normally? Keeping my fingers crossed for her!
Welcome to BYC. Flush the wounds with a 50/50 betadine and water mixture. Then put neosporin (without pain reliever) on the wounds, pack the punctures with it as well. Do not put any gauze or bandages on her. Continue with the neosporin ointment treatment til she heals. Provide her with scrambled egg mixed with buttermilk to eat for several days. Scrambled egg provides extra protein for strength, buttermilk is a probiotic that will enhance her immune system.
from Ohio. So glad you joined. Good advice given. If you can get pics, that would help but I would post it in the Emergencies section. More folks will see it there. Good luck with her.

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