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8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Hello there. I'm a new member finally after spending much time on the BYC site. Reading tons of wonderful information and viewing loads of inspiring photos from members. I've wanted chickens for quite some time and am planning to prepare for them this coming spring. I live with my husband in a lovely part of Connecticut. We're surrounded with state forest land and have amazing wildlife, birds and vegetation. A lover of nature and busy with a large organic garden, raising chickens seemed like the next step for us. It is my hope to gather as much information on raising chickens that I can and share with other chicken lovers so that I can create and maintain the best situation for them and for us. I look forward to hearing from other members and sharing this wonderful site.
Welcome from Kansas!
Welcome, Knox! This is a great site as you've already discovered if you've been spending time here before joining. Glad to have you join us and good luck with your new adventure into the world of chickens. They are seriously addictive!

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