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Jan 5, 2012
I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and my family and I are planning to keep some chickens in our back yard. We can have 3 hens and are in the process of building a suitable coop and enclosure for the hens in our large back yard. I have a few questions that I know you can answer for us and I will post them under the appropriate topic heading. Any guidance you can give us would be most appreciated!
Hey K-Karla!
from West Michigan!

We have several great sections on BYC for you to look at, pretty much everything from how to build a coop, incubate chicks, raise chicks, feed chickens, egg laying habits and local ordinances. Just click on the index section and start your learning experience
If you have any questions we all will be happy to help you!
Hi We're new to chickens and wouldn't look back now! Better than TV!

This is an excellent site and very friendly for all chicken info.
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from Washington State glad you joined us!
Great information and people on this site!

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