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8 Years
Jan 8, 2012
Hi there. My name is Birgit. My husband and I and our four dogs one cat and now 12 chickens plus one mean rooster live in Praha Texas between Houston and San Antonio. Started with 21 inherited chickens. Learned the hard way how to keep the chickens in and the dogs out. An oppossum got one the dogs got three. And then we lost three in one week during a wet cold spell. Those may have been older chickens. We are now down to 13, secured the 50x50 chicken yard with a 7 foot fence. The coop is like Fort Knox. State of the art..... And we have finally a safe environment. I am excited to learn from you all. Love my chicks and love the good eggs. We have a mixture of Road Island Reds, 1 Astrolorp, Rockhens, and a bunch of white ones.

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