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    Hi everyone! My name is Ann. I have 28 chickens and I sell the eggs. My operation started with 3 roosters! Go figure, when you pick them at random. I got them from my state fair since I volunteered there 2 years ago and they allowed the volunteers bring them home. Well of course you can't tell the sex unless you sex them and I have absolutely no experience with that so I picked at random. Of course to my dismay they all turned out to be roosters. So I thought to myself what am I going to do with 3 roosters beside eat them and I really did not want to do that since they were my babies. Of the three roosters my favorite was my oldest rooster which I named Falcon. The three roosters lived in harmony until I had a chicken coop fire where thankfully none of the roosters perished but Falcon became sick. At the time Falcon got sick he was at the top of the pecking order and the other 2 roosters knew that so they started picking on him. I was able to save Falcon before my younger birds killed him. Falcon lived separated all of winter since this happened in the fall. Throughout winter I was able to teach Falcon a few tricks and my favorite was that he learned his name and would follow me everywhere and only focus on me. In the spring I later acquired 6 chickens from my high school ag teacher but among these chickens was another rooster which I named Rocky. I was able to raise Rocky and his hens with my oldest bird Falcon and I had no problems. All of the hens followed Rocky and Falcon was the loner. One problem did arise and it was that my two other roosters named Safire and Amithyst. They started to fight once the hens were added in the coop across from them. I ended up having to separate these two roosters and I gave Amithyst to my neighbor but I still have Safire today and he is 2 years old. For winter I got 4 hens from my friend Jason so Safire would have some hens. In January of 2012, Falcon unfortunately passed away due to natural causes at a year and half. Earlier this summer I ordered 18 hens but one passed and my neighbor and his buddy decided to give me a rooster even after I was down to 2 for a few months. At this time I currently have 3 roosters and 25 hens. If it was not for those 3 roosters especially Falcon my operation would not be what is today. I hope you all enjoyed this story of how my life with chickens started. If any of you have any questions about roosters I could try to answer them since I have had so many. I will say though roosters are a lot of work and can be very temperamental as well as territorial. I sort of learned the hard way so be cautious when you have large numbers of them.
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    Hi and[​IMG] So glad you joined us!!!![​IMG]
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    Hello and welcome to BYC [​IMG] Lovely story! But sorry to hear about Falcon. Sounds like he was quite a character.
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. So glad you shared your story.
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    Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky!

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    paicines, ca.
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    Welcome to bYC
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    :frow & :welcome from Alabama. Glad you joined us.

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