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Nov 7, 2012
Hello from Kentucky! I am hoping to get some chickens this late winter/early spring.Had a whole bunch of chickens
many years ago.All free range and they roosted in the barn rafters.We tried several years ago on this farm,but
predators got them all.We've had peafowl for a few years,but have only 2 peacocks left.Want to create a more secure
coop and run before we get more chickens.I retired for nursing this summer(27yrs) and now have time to do more
at home. We have 80 acres and have horses.Just 6 now,2 of mine,2 boarders,and daughter in law and granddaughter
each have 1. 2 Anatolian shepherds,7 cats. Oh yeah,I have raised canaries and finches,and had several parrots.
Will quit now,probably wrote too much,but I am so pleased to have found this site !
Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!

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