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Apr 23, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I'm in Los Altos and I have a small back yard flock. Right now I have 16 hens and 5 chicks. 15 of the hens are Red Sex Links (there is one dark one that I suspect is really a Rhode Island), and the last one is an older Buff Orpington. The chicks are mail order which i'm raising myself. They are Barred Plymouth Rock chicks, and hopefully all hens. My original flock was 10 Red Sex Link and the Orpington but my dog killed 3 and I wanted to expand my flock anyway so I got 10 more (now reduced to 8 new ones). Both of these I bought at 10 months old, the chicks i'm raising now are my first. :)
Howdy from Kansas, kylie, and
! Great to have you aboard! Have fun with your chicks!
These are my first Barred Rock and I can't wait until I can bring them outside.

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