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Hello! Got my first six chickens May 24th of this year. 4 "aracauna" but they grew tails, it's ok, pretty that way and all so different, and two crested polish. The polish were straight run and one is a rooster. The following week went to feed store. Ooh, different breeds! Came home with 2 light brahma, 2 buff orps, and two black austrolorpe. Chicken math in action. One of the brahma is male. Not ideal, but super cool and beautiful.I'd like to thank a bunch of you who unknowingly helped build my coop. Chickens grow super fast originally thought THAT was chicken math, being we are expanding coops and run for fourth time!!
I think this website is excellent. And addictive, like chickens. Can't wait for eggs!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan
I too have an Australian heeler, . He's a mix though, how does yours react to chickens? So scared for when he gets out, my other dog, a Burnese mountain dog has a father who is a chicken killer. Don't think will ever let him free, especially around the flock. Am thinking the cattle dog will be ok. Eventually.

Welcome. Chicken Math got me too! Just be sure to practice good habits like quarantine new birds so that you don't bring home an illness and lose your flock. It can happen when you fall in love with a chicken somewhere and let it into your flock and suddenly your whole flock is sneezing and sick. If you fall in love with a chicken - plan to keep it separate and have materials to pen it up separately. Also be careful about shoes. Seems silly but if you go to a chicken show and then tend your chickens you might expose them too. Just some simple things to keep in mind so that all your flock stays healthy.


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