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6 Years
May 8, 2015
Hello, My name is Jeff and I have recently started to raise some chicks with my wife and children. We are currently getting ready to build a coop for them while they are still in the brooder. Can not wait to see them in their new coop and laying eggs.
Welcome to BYC, Jeff! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

Congrats on your chicks! What breeds did you get? I hope you and your family enjoy them. Raising chickens is SUCH a great experience for the whole family.

Good luck with the coop! If you have any questions while working on it, feel free to post here

Good luck to you and welcome to our flock. Feel free to ask any questions
Thank you Mountain Peeps. We have four different breeds.They are 2 RIRs, 2 Buff orpingtons,2 silver laced wyadottes,and 2 EEs. We are definitely enjoying them so far.
Hey i have been raising chickens for a few years and was thinking this would be a good way to learn new things about chickens i have recently got 4 turkey chicks and hope to about them as well

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