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Nov 19, 2012
Hello, hello!

I figured it was finally time to officially become a member of this site since it seems I'm on here at least once a week looking through posts and finding answers to all of my questions. :)

We got chickens for the first time in May 2012 (and Magpie Ducks as well!) and it has been a very fun and rewarding thing. I was homeschooling my kids last year and we decided it would be a very worthwhile thing to get chickens. We live in an area where we can have up to 12 of them, and so I dove right in! We converted an old green house (with running water and heat) into a chicken coop and fenced in a yard around it and have never looked back. As of October 2012 we started getting our first eggs (from the chicken pictured in my avatar...our sweet little barred rock, "Bob"). Now we get about 9 eggs a day! We got a few different breeds and it's been amazing to learn all about them and see them each with their different little personalities and quirks. At this point we have 2 roosters, a beautiful Delaware that we call "Big Red" and a Barred Rock that I think has also earned the name "Bob" (our kids lack a little creativity in the name department). The city just informed me that I've got to get rid of my 2 beautiful boys, which makes me very sad but we're hoping to find good homes for them.

We also have 2 Magpie Ducks (which ended up being a boy and a girl...and so we're hoping maybe for ducklings in the spring). They are so much fun as well and come and nibble lightly on your pant legs or shoes or fingers. They love to swim in our waterfall when we let them wander around in the front yard. "Cutie Pie" recently began laying eggs this last month and my husband raves over how good they are!

I really love this site and the forums and all of the information here! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide a place where people can come together and share the joy of BackYard Flocks :) I'm excited to finally be an official member!

-Alise from Auburn, WA



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Hello and welcome to BYC
We have a section here where you can advertise roosters in need of rehoming, in the Buy ~ Sell ~ Trade section. You'll need 20 or more posts though before you can place an ad. But look for threads you can participate in or pop in at the Games section, you'll get the required post count in no time!

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