New mother, freaked out


6 Years
Apr 11, 2013
Durango, Colorado
Hello BYC community! I am ecstatic to be a proud new mom to 6 tiny Buff Orp's. But totally nervous too. I am fully new to raising chickens and while I have been reading all I can for the past month I just brought them home from the store and one chick is listless, always trying to sleep and the smallest. Do I already have to face the possibility that one of my flock will perish?!
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Greetings from Kansas, rgensheer, and
! Pleased you joined us! You might want to give the sick one some electrolytes to see if that will perk her up. Also, you might want to post your concern in the link below - someone may have some suggestions. Good luck to you!!
Thank you! I got the MannaPro electrolytes today and have started them on that. I also gave them an egg yolk today. They all seem very perky, even the little weak one.
I love that there is this forum for help and support!

Yours in Poultry

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