New mother hen


Jul 28, 2020
BC 🇨🇦
Hello! I’m a new chicken mom and coming here for help and advise. I have a small back yard flock of Golden Sex Links. Two are mature laying hens and three are three month old chicks. I do plan to rehome two of the chicks, as five hens are proving too much for me. Fortunately, I found them a great home on a farm. I LOVE my girls. They are so much fun to watch. Wilma is my favorite. She follows me around and is very chatty. I rely a lot on the staff at the local feed store for guidance, but it will be nice to get guidance from the comfort of my sofa.
Finally something positive, I have 2 hens that do that too. I have ISA browns, and they are the absolute best, very dedicated and smart. My Easter Eggers are the cuddlers! This site is great for information as well as support. I have learned a lot since I joined. Good 😊 Luck with your lovely hens.

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