NEW Moultrie Panoramic 150 8mp low glow $215.00 shipped


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
Mid Michigan
Moultrie’s new Panoramic 150 revolutionizes game scouting with 3 infrared motion sensors that cover a super-wide, 150-degree detection area—3 times the area of a typical game camera! The Silent-Slide lens rotates silently to take photos or videos wherever motion is detected, perfect for a field or open woods.

8.0 megapixel infrared panoramic game camera
Under 1-second trigger speed
Up to 100-ft night range
3 motion sensors cover super-wide, 150-degree detection angle
5 operational modes:
- 150-degree Panoramic camera - IR triggered game camera (Single Image Mode)
- Time-lapse plot camera
- Plot camera by day, motion detect camera at night
- HD video day and night
Silent-Slide lens rotates to take photos or videos wherever motion
is detected without spooking game
Illumi-Night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images
Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
Multi-Shot (1–3 pics)
5/15/30 seconds, 1–60 minute picture delay
Password protection
SD memory card slot — up to 32 GB
9,000 images on 6 C-cell batteries
New Moultrie camouflage
Integrated strap loop with Python
cable compatibility (cable not included)

Retails for $254.00

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