new-not sure what to do with eggs that haven't hatched


10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
I started with 29 eggs in the incubator and on day 21, 3 hatched one didn't make it though. On Day 22, 16 hatched, the poor little turken didn't make it. then in the night 6 others died. Not to sure why. I think it might have gotten too hot in the box I placed them in. 1 hatched on day 23. The 12 alive ones seem to be doing well. My question is- it is now d24 and there are 9 eggs in the bator not doing anything. I tried to candle but had no luck seeing anything. Not sure If I can clean up the mess or should I leave them a few more days. Not sure what kind of chicken. A few of the eggs are small green, 1 small white, 1 large green and 2 large browns. ANy suggestions would be helpful
thats a great question...

I am hatching under a hen right now and i was going to candle the eggs and if i cant see anything then i was going to freeze the unhatched eggs until garbage day the dispose of them that way
I open them. But thats just me. I am curious what happened. You can just throw them out. I think after day25 there is not going to be anymore hatching.

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