New Ohio Chicks


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Delaware, OH
Hello all. So we recently got 4 chicks, I am in the process of building a coop (4x8 coop, 8x10 run all under roof). I have two australorps and two araucanas. The chicks are 1.5 weeks old. I have two children, 4 & 6 and they are super excited about us having chickens. Been cruising the website a ton the last month preparing for the chicks, you all are a wealth of knowledge, thanks!

Quick question. I want to add one more chick to the flock, and was wondering if this would be an issue. The chick would be the same age and from the same hatchery.
Greetings from Kansas, matt22, and
! Great to have you here. At this young age adding a chick shouldn't be an issue - particularly a same-age chick. Good luck to you!
thanks, hoping to get the coop almost finished this weekend, won't be long till those chicks are in it at the rate they are growing!

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