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So a couple years ago I joined because I had adopted two hens... however I lived in a condo and it was a disaster. I found them a home with a wonderful family member who has a rather large flock already.

Now, we have moved. We live in the middle of the forest on 2.5 acres.
So last March 5th I purchased from my local feed store...

Bones - The Amauracauna (however it is spelled)
Buffy - the Buff Orpington
and Bobbie - the Plymouth Barred Rock

They moved into their AWESOME new hen house and coop last night. It is constructed out of wood and chicken wire... a double layer of chicken wire. As funds allow I plan to put welded rabbit cage wire over the chicken wire. Even before we got the chickens there was a momma racoon and her 4 babies living on our property.... plus foxes... and I saw a bobcat... and my father in law saw a small bear a few years ago. We didn't dig down under the coop as our ground is abou t 95% rock... but we stacked lots of medium and large stones around the edges of the coop so if something tries to dig under a rock will fall into the hole. Not fool proof by a long shot, but combined with just how hard it is to dig on our property I think it should be pretty safe.

My hen house/ coop is big enough to add another 10 birds... but we don't wanna over do it since we are just beginners.

Now my local feed shop has turkey chicks for sale and since I have SOOO much room I am fighting the urge to get one.

We are still constructing the nesting boxes and feeders too.... but the girls are SO much happier now that they are out of the Chick-n-Hutch and into the coop/hen house. I didn't give them much scratching/outside time before now because my dog HATES them and my cats seem to think they are toys. ... but they have LOTS of room now.

I don't have a computer... I log on from my cell phone or from the library... and the site/forum isn't the most "mobile friendly" I can't see pics or anything... but then if I had a better phone it wouldnt matter... anyway... I wont be on like ALL the time.. but I will be on once in a while.

Any particular threads you suggest I read?
from Missouri! I suggest you read The Adventures of Barbara. Just type in the search box, Barbara. Once you start reading, you won't be able to stop!
Start from the begining of the thread!

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