new peacock owner need help


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
my daughter is getting 2 peachicks tomorrow india blue.i plan on putting them in with my baby turkeys an raising the together will this work?should i free range or pen it up ?if i pen it up how big an how high?if we get 2 of the same sex do you think it would be hard to find someone to trade a male for hen or hen for cock?any help please will post pics when we get them home.

Choctaw Valley Farm

10 Years
Jan 16, 2010
You raise Peachicks the same way you raise Poults (baby turkeys) it takes 2 yrs for peafowl to mature so if you free range I would wait til they are yearlings, If you decide to pen them 10x20 run with a 10x10 house this is good for three adults or if you just want to keep a pair you could go as small as 8x10 house with a 8x20 run. A male for a hen is hard unless they need new blood lines, a hen for a male easy because everyone can use a extra hen.

Visit these websites and look at there pens. or
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