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6 Years
Apr 4, 2013
Hello, from Lexington Virginia. My wife,son and I are new to the coop. We have 6 chicks we got from Tractor supply co. about 5 weeks ago and they are growing really fast. We also have 3 dogs. 2 of them get excited around them 1 could not care less. Other members include 1 indoor and 2 outdoor cats. Also a button head buck who keeps showing up. He seems to be curious about the coop and its contents in the yard. My son attends high school my wife is a chef and I am a boiler maker. I googled a chick question and found BYC and decided to join. So far i have found this site very helpful and i enjoy the pics and information found here. I dont know a lot about chickens but i will help out if I can. Well goodbye for now i look forward to meeting the community and thanks for having me.
Howdy from Kansas, Chunky, and
! Pleased to have you with us! Sound like you are well in your way - but ask any questions you might have along the way - that's what BYC is here for! Good luck to you!!

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