New Photos of last night's hatched duckling!


15 Years
Jun 27, 2007
Has anyone ever seen a blood blister like this on a ducklings bill before? Should I be worried or doing something about it?
This is the little darling that hatched last night, second egg is starting to zip already :)




I'm in love!!!!

I haven't seen that before. Maybe someone else can help. Once again, what a cutie! Seems to me it could use a name like Clara Barton or something.
LOL I called my best friend to tell her the news and she said "it's time to name a baby after me!" so this baby will be Donna if it's a girl, Scrappy if it's a boy since my bf's username is scrappy (her and I are scrapbookers). I love the name Clara Barton, sounds so classy...I'll use it for the next baby :)

One of the first ducklings that I had, had a small blister on her bill, almost dead center, but there was a piece of egg shell still attached to it. Once the piece of shell came off (it took a few days) the blister broke and her bill bled and split. I don't know how else to describe it but it looked like she had a hairlip. Her bill slip right up the middle and was slightly shorter than the bottom part. So I had a duck with an under-bite and a hairlip, but she could eat and drink just fine, so I let her be. By the time she got all of her feathers in, the bill had grown together. She has a dark colored bill, but where the split grew back together there is an orange streak. She looks perfectly normal now except for her orange scar.
Thank you Ladies! The blood blister has gotten a little smaller so I'll keep a close eye on it. Not hard to do since I can't stay away from Scrappy for more than a few minutes at a time LOL


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