New Pullet


7 Years
Aug 29, 2012
We got a new pullet today! We went thinking we were going to get a orpington, rir, or barred rock but ended up getting a australorp! She came right up to my fiancee and jumped on her thigh... Let just say she pick herself out... Soooo we brought her home and have her in a cage that is in our run. We wanted our other hens can check her out before just letting her lose. I don't think I have to be worried about any disease once our other hens came from the same place... or do I??? We have yet to name her... thinking maybe Molly or Pepper anyone else have good names for australorps?
Ginger or Pecker maybe! Just keep your whole chicken area clean and you should not have a problem with disease!
Good Luck with your new Australorp!!
We picked Piper! My family all got around and picked their favorite names and put them in a hat. My dad then proceeded to pick one name and it is what it is! So my fiancee won the name game and our new pullets name is Piper

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