New pullets hiding in coop!

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  1. I had an existing small flock of chickens, one roo and the rest year-old hens. I had lost a few to predation so we bought four three-month old pullets from a local person. The birds look healthy and so we put them in with our flock (not really having another chicken pen/coop arrangement in any event).
    So far, they pretty much have stayed in the coop! They come out occasionally, but one of my existing chickens keeps chasing them back in. Food is available both inside and outside of the coop and so is water. There is no shortage of either. At night, they all roost together amazingly well, with the new ones kind of underneath the others on our roosting box. The roo is especially scary to the new little girls.

    Should I just let things be for awhile? Is our having a roo the problem?

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    I think it is just because they are the new kids on the block. They need to figure out where they belong in your flock to settle down. They are also in a new environment and that is scary, and they are with other chickens they don't know. It will take awhile before they settle down in their new home, as long as they have access to food and water, I wouldn't worry.
  3. Thanks chicken chat!
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    I will take some time. As long as they have food and water, all will be well.[​IMG]
  5. They came out a little ways today! I rewarded them with sunflower seeds, the favorite of my birds, but it scared them and they ran back in. Oh well, at least the rest of my flock was rewarded after the new ones were allowed out.

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