New Puppy, New Name

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    My SO bought me a GSD puppy. [​IMG]
    Me = Very Excited [​IMG]
    I told him it can be for our Anniversary (in november), Christmas, My birthday (in january), and valentines day. So I guess he lucked out having to do 4 months of shopping in 1 day [​IMG]

    I love puppy. That is his name. [​IMG]
    SO wont help me pick one. All he can say is.. I dont like that name
    He named his childhood pet Buddy [​IMG]

    I like unique names. My brindle dog is named Mary Jane after the candy and my other GSD came with her name Rudi (which reminds me of Rudi from 'The Bill Cosby Show').
    So far puppys name has been Koda (which means friend), Hannibal (my dads childhood GSDs name), Godric, and today Im thinking Moose (which I Dont think my SO likes either..)

    I dont like names like Max, buddy, Sam etc.
    I want a unique strong name with meaning.
    Hes going to be a bigger GSD if he takes after his father. Hes also AKC reg. so I guess Im going to have to come up with a name on papers?
    I dont understand how all that really works.. [​IMG]

    So any suggestions??
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    German Dog Names... Boy Names and their meanings...

    Arnold - Eagle, Powerful

    Axel - Father of peace [​IMG]

    Barrett - Strong as a bear [​IMG]

    Bruno - Brown haired

    Conrad - Brave counsel [​IMG]

    Hank - Ruler of the estate

    Jaegar - Hunter [​IMG]

    Kaiser - Leader [​IMG]

    Karl -A free man

    Lance - Knight's attendant

    Otto - Rich, wealthy

    Reinhard - Brave, or a fox

    Cute pup! Good luck with the naming! As for the AKC paperwork, it can be as simple as his "regular" name plus your last name...

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