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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by FluffyChic, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Hey Guys,

    We've had dogs and puppies in the past, and are familiar with them. But we just got a new 7week Mini-Dachshund puppy, he was ridded w/flease when I got him home. Even to where he had a crusty patch under his ear, there were a TON of them. Anyway, I made a bath of a little dish soap, and a few essential oils known to help rid fleas...eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree. Bathed him, obviously being careful of the eye area. Seems to be better and I'm now finding dead fleas.

    Here is the question: He seems to be very pale on his tongue and gums and eye rim. The guy I got him from had already given him his first shots and a liquid wormer, and said he has not had worms in his fecal. Sooo, I'm wondering if all these flease were making him a little anemic.

    Is there anything I can buy to give him, like a b12 shot or someting? do they sell that stuff at tractor supply? I'm not opposed to taking him to the vet, but since his up on his shots I really was trying to wait a couple weeks until he was do. Any advise? Tips?

    Thanks All
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  2. How pale are they? I fostered a kitten who was covered in fleas, we bathed her and must have picked off a couple hundred fleas with a tweezer. Her gums were almost white. We tried everything but she died a couple days later, too weak from the anemia. I dont want to worry you, I mean she was already weak from being abandoned in a parking lot at around 4-5 weeks old.

    If they are very pale, almost white, I would get the pup to the vet asap.
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    Fleas and worms can be absolutely devastating to a young animal. Regardless of whether the guy said he wormed it or not I would do it again. If it had fleas that bad then his kennel conditions were less than good. You can buy a good dewormer from tsc or your local livestock supply store. You can use frontline on puppies, but if you dont have that extra money peppermint soap works very well as a wash and its not too harsh. Its always best to see a vet when you get a new puppy / pet.
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    You need to bring your pup to see a vet asap. Flea anemia kills very young animals.
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    If the puppy just had fleas that'd be one thing, but since he's anemic and you're just taking the previous owner's statements at face value now is not the time to be doing medical experiments. The fact that he's so flea ridden tells me that he might not have received a lot of medical attention.
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    Fleas can make your puppy anemic, but he could still have internal parasites too. Most dewormers don't kill all species of worms. So, it would depend on what was given to your puppy. Also, pups can get coccidia (sp) which are not worms but protozoan. If your puppy contracts coccidiosis; he will need to go to a vet, because, if left untreated they can prove fatal. I would suggest that you take a stool sample to your vet for testing. I know that vets are costly, but if the puppy wasn't well cared for, it is reasonable to believe he probably has multiple parasites. Meanwhile, feed your puppy some canned mackerel. The fish will help him to get needed vitamins and minerals to combat the anemia. If I can help answer any questions feel free to call me. I have been breeding Bluetick Coonhounds for several years now. I wish you the very best of luck with your new baby, and am glad he has a good home. (205)429-4760. Amy
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    Take it to the vet. Puppy Parvo is running rampant this year in Arkansas. It should be about $15 for the test if needed. Hopefully, a good dose of vitamins will do the trick.

  8. cafarmgirl

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    The other thing with a less-then-stellar or backyard breeder is that they often say they have given first shots and worming when in fact they have given nothing. The fact that this pup was in such poor shape and so badly infested with fleas does not point to a good and ethical breeder, rescue or wherever he came from. If it was me I'd have him to the vet for a good checkup right away including doing a fecal check for worms. Hopefully all will be well and your just looking at some deworming, vaccinations and some good nutrition to bring him around. Poor little guy.
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    Jan 18, 2008
    I agree with the other posters, since he was covered in fleas that means his care probably wasnt that great, you should always take new animals to the vet as soon as possible after getting them, even if you got them from a reputable place, just for a check up and to be sure everythings ok plus, especially with a less than reputable place, they have some inheritated problems so its always best to get them checked out asap, just for good measure anyways plus now that he's anemic from being riddled with fleas, its especially important to take to the vet, parasites can cause real problems, and can potentially even be deadly, for young animals. so, sorry but unless you want him to get sicker you really should take him to the vet, hes anemic from fleas which could cause problems so sorry but I really think you need to take him to the vet asap. congrats on the new pup and good luck! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    thanks for all the replies everyone!

    Here's the update:

    Took him to Banfield in Petsmart today, didn't know they had vet hours 7days/wk. Anyway, sure enough he was anemic-not scarey to need a blood transfusion yet-but he would have been there in a day or two. So, he was also ridded w/worms which has taken a toll on him as well. So the vet hooked us up w/vitamins high in iron, strong wormer meds, and the topical fle preventative. Sooo, glad I took him and did not take this guy at face value. I'm sure he meant well...but this little guy was pretty sick. I'm wondering how long he would have made it if he didn't come home w/us. Well, he's on his way to getting better and we go back in two weeks to start his shots. [​IMG]

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