New Rat Proofing Approach

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by j3707, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Hey all - haven't heard of anyone doing this...if you have, let me know.

    I had a rat problem last year, they had pretty easy access to the feeder and we used to put kitchen scraps in the outside pen. We had a bunch of rats running around, all fat and sassy. I shot a few of them, trapped a number, but I want 'em all gone.

    I built a new coop, higher up off the ground. It's very tight, biggest gap is at the people door, about 1/4". Moved all feeding to inside the coop and I haven't put in the chicken door yet.

    Here's my thought --- I want to make the chicken door 3.5-4 feet off the ground. Chickens should be able to fly on up to a perch outside the door, but from what I've read, rats can only jump about 3 feet high ("only"!)

    Whaddya think?
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    making a coop/run predator proof for only one animal is shortsighted. if a raccoon or something else chases them in the coop they will get up the distance to the coop.

    stop keeping the food in the coop. when they are done feeding, if possible remove the food.

    I set traps at night. got about 15 of them right around the full moon, now nothing for the past few days. I bait with peanut butter under the bait plate.

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