New Roosters in the flock

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    Oct 5, 2013
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    Hello all- I have a good size flock of chickens (about 20) different mixes of breeds. I was given two Roosters, a Speckled Sussex, and a Light Brahma/Americauna mix. The Brahmacana seems to be the dominant one while the Speckled Sussex seems to avoid any confrontation, but likes to walk around with me seeing what's going on. Has anyone had this type of behavior?
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    I don't read any unusual behavior. Are you expecting the roosters to fight?

    Many, many flocks exist with more than one rooster; normal chicken behavior is to have a dominant rooster with subordinate roosters. Non-dominant roosters still practice flock management tasks.

    I think your subordinate rooster was acting quite normal for his role.

    By the way, welcome to BYC from California wine country in the Western Sierra Foothills. :frow

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