New run


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
I winged this design and just put it together with what I thought would work
I got frustrated looking at run designs, they were never exactly what I wanted. I wanted lots of room for my gals and boys

I wanted to keep all the tree and bush coverage over the top, they have shade and branches and things like that naturally to keep them entertained

Main challenge was getting my sections up while trying to keep branches and low trees and such in place
I got poked, choked , stabbed etc all by theses trees lol. But anything for my gang

I am still working on it as the run still goes all the way around the back of their coop

I was going to have a slant roof but got a little over zealous and made the run really big and now dont have long enough lumber

The coop/run is always a work in progress
That whole shed Is their coop and I'm always striving to make it better

The run is a little messy at the moment as I am still working on it

So here it is and I am rather proud and they seem to enjoy it




Your going to want to put a lid on it there is poultry net you can buy from amazon you have the perfect route for a predator to come in over

Thank you
It's hard to tell but their whole pen bit around the back is covered in trees I actually cut into the tree area so they have the coverage
However I am going to put coverage over it for extra protection
Trees will not stop the kind I am thinking of weasel or such can get through almost whole or chink in the armor

Last year I had the same racoon attack 4 times in a span of a month
Got a have a heart trap and got him the first night I put it out
Lost most of my flock
Finally found where he was getting in the coop

I still.need to secure the bottom around the pen and do the cover
Next year I will landscape it

Always a work in progress

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