New silkie - how should I add her to my flock?


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Oct 20, 2009
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First off, I want to stress that I have kept this new bird in quarantine and she passed with flying colors - very healthy!

I know that it probably wasn't a gr8 idea introduce just one, but the lady I got them from has a vice-grip on her chickens and wouldn't sell me a second

I have 2 sizzles that are nearly a year old: Isis and Phoebe. The new silkie, Kali, is about 5 months old. I have put her into the coop at night with the others twice, but she either is too small to get off the perch, or she is pecked into staying inside the coop by the others until they leave to go outside for the day. I had to go get her out both times.
I have put her in a large wire cage inside the coop with her chickstart, water, and treats. She has been there for ~1 week. I try to bring her out with the other two old biddies once a day so that she can snip up some grass/bugs and get some exercise. Every time I do this, however, Isis and Phoebe both peck at her - especially Phoebe (who has gone broody twice already!). I made the mistake of letting my fiancé look after the chickens for the day and Phoebe and Isis pecked her into a crevice she could not get out of! I was happy I came home when I did because it had just started to drizzle. The last time Phoebe was broody, I put her in a pen in the garage for 3 days with bright lights and no nesting material. During that time Isis and Kali got along wonderfully!
This chicken runs after me wherever I go and seeks solace in my lap when the other two peck at her. Kali usually ends up going in the house with me, the cat, and my un-amused fiancé. It is a darling thing to have a chicken act like this toward me, but I would like her to be able to be part of the flock.
I would love to hear from anyone who has had success in introducing just one chicken to a flock of nasty ol' coots.



Kali in the coop:



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Mar 22, 2009
We just introduced a silkie into our flock of 4 buff brahmas and 1 EE. They're all bantams. But our original flock can be nasty -- they've pecked head feathers off of each other, so we were worried.

They could see each other during the quarantine, and then today my kids removed the storm window that was separating their runs. They did fine. They are all a little terrified of the silkie, actually. We stood by with a spray bottle of water, just in case, but didn't need it.

Good luck with yours!

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