New to bators (but can't wait!!)


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Mar 4, 2010
New Boston, NH
Okay so the other day I ordered a hova-bator (# 1602, new) along with the hygrometer, thermometer, egg turner, and fan. (btw, If anyone is looking for this incubator and accessories, it's only $109 on ebay. Just search Hova-bator and it's about 3rd). I'm so excited to get hatching eggs and new chicks, since we got our current chickens for Mcmurray over 2 years ago!
But I have a couple questions.
How long are eggs allowed to sit out of the incubator before they have to be put in? Also, where is the best place to put the bator? i would think it would be somewhere like the basement where the temp is constant, but i could be wrong. Also our cats are down there and like to jump and are very curious, playful sisters. I would be afraid of them knocking it down. I would be glad of any other tips! Thanks! (i hate sounding so ignorant lol, but losing chicks isn't worth my pride
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Oh and they should be moved from the bator just when they're dry right? Or is there a set time?
I almost forgot, haha! For the hova-bator, how long should it sit before eggs are put in?
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I just leave the eggs to be hatched out on the counter till it is time to put them in. I have read that 7 days is when they start to go down hill. i have had them for 10 to 12 days and had a bad hatch but I also did some remodeling to my incubator and put the eggs in a egg carton that time. I don't really have a place in my house where the temp stay steady for I live in a trailer with metal sides and it can get very hot with out the AC but then that will not turn off when it is suppose to either at this time.
I have my incubator in my living room so that I can watch it close. I check it all the time for the thermostat in it don't work. It is a homemade one and so far I have done well.
I would have upgraded to the 1588 but that just me ( I bought that same one from incubator warehouse but slod it and bought the 1588).

As to the egg question a week is fine but put the point down into egg cartons and prop one end of the carton up on a book or something and 2 to 3 times a day reverse the end you have propped up. Doing that simulates an egg turner.
Oh that's great advice! i didn't know about that, thank you! But this is still a good bator right? We'll get good hatches? If I can get really into it and serious I'll definitely upgrade eventually, but I think this suits what we need for now. (It's still not here! I'm so impatient)

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