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Howdy all! I have had cickens in the past, but they were given to me as adults and pretty much the extent of my knowledge was that I didnt want them to die, and I liked their eggs, which I had to walk out to the barn daily to collect. Now, I have been "inspired" so to speak by my cooking to raise my own hens and have an abundance of eggs. So I purchased 25-lost one-24 chicks...I have Rhoad Island Reds and Barred Plymouth Rocks, as well as two 1-year old Cochin Roosters...The cool part is the coop is huge, fenced in with 8 foot fence, and chicken wire at the bottom-to make an attempt to keep the predators in teh area out... and the hens and roosters in...hopefully. They have a fab hen house too...So, the babies are about 6 weeks today and this morning I found my first "oops" in the brooder with a rooster....So technically I have a Rhoad that is a rooster as well-3 guys-23 gals. Wo ho!

Here is my first question.....The "girls" and "guy" are in the brooder still but have begun feathering out. and are looking ready to go in the hen house, but should I be concerned with putting the younger ones in with the 1-year old roosters? Will there be mass carniage after the first night or will the pecking order be established? Will it hurt to leave them in the brooder for a while longer maybe?

Also, will the older roosters harm/kill the "guy" I found in the hens group?

I think thats it for now....pretty exceited about my new kids are loving these babies...this is fabulous experience for them I see.
I would recommend not introducing the chicks to the roosters until they are somewhat more mature. Roosters in a flock with mature hens generally accept new chicks fairly well. I am uncertain how two bachelor roosters will react to new chicks.
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I'd say wait until your chicks are bigger before introducing them to the roosters. The roosters are probably going to be unhappy with the young guy, so you should wait and see how it works out.

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