new to BYC-a couple of questions!


8 Years
Jan 15, 2012

so, we've got our first 6 chicks and 6 more hatching any minute. I have the brooder going well, a smallish second hand coop/hutch that I intend to use as a transitional space, and we are finalizing our plans for the big coop, which we intend to make big enough to house 20+ hens.

all my chickens will be mid size to large, based on breeds, so I'm trying to figure out when to move them from what to what. I told my husband he has 6-8 weeks tops for the big coop and run to be finished but I'm wondering how to go about the switch. I'm in South Texas, so pretty mild weather right now compared to most, but some cold nights still. I've got the brooder in the garage and the coop outside. At what age should I move them from the brooder, like 4-5 weeks? The coop I have would be far too small for all 12 chickens full grown, but I figured as that transition to outside and wait for the big coop it should be sufficient. It's about 16 sq ft, and I'm going to add a couple of roosting bars across in to help "pretend" there is more space.

is there anything I need to know or plan for? I don't intend on keeping any cockerels, these are all straight run, so I'm sure our number will go down by a couple.

thanks for any advice you can give!
hi Doula welcome to byc...I live in north east tx...and this time of yr i move my 6 week olds out of the brooder to a hoophouse out doors is covered with a tarp..but has one end open the south for sunshine ..they are on the ground but as long as you have 5 or 6 they can huddle for warmth on the cold nights.. good luck
I moved my kiddies outside when they were about 5 - 6 weeks old and fully feathered! That's the trick! It's not just about the age but that they have all their feathers and not just fluff! Welcome to BYC by the way!
I'm still new to this whole thing, but I think if your weather is fairly mild, once they are fully feathered out they should be fine. One thing I have learned is....if you want your chicks to feather out sooner, don't pamper them with too much heat ex: keeping them in a heated house or basement etc. The sooner they get used to the cooler temps the sooner they will feather out, but then like I said....I'm new to this too!
thank you for the replies, I'll just plan on playing it by ear. I'll watch the weather, their size (as they FIT in the brooder) and feathers.

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