New to BYC and raising chickens


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Jun 5, 2020
Hello from South Carolina! I'm a new chicken "farmer" and have 10 Silver Lace Wyandotte chicks (delivered from Murray McMurry Hatchery on May 13th). My husband and I are completing their coop and will re-house them from our watermelon box brooder to their coop in about two more weeks...they'll be fully feathered out by then AND the coop will be complete.
We live in a rural area with no HOA and just under 1 acre of land to develop and purpose as we want. We started raising hens for dual purpose and as another step to becoming self-sufficient.
I also have an ever-expanding 5-gallon bucket "garden" with several crops underway and we installed our pallet compost area last night.
I joined BYC for information, ideas, and proven methods the group has to offer.
I look forward to learning and growing along with each of you.

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