New to BYC, but been raising chickens for about 3 years now

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Dec 5, 2020
Upstate NY
Hi All
Like I said I'm new to the site, but been raising chickens for about three years. I currently have 4 rhode island reds, 2 barred rocks, 6 Easter eggers (my rooster is a Easter egger), 1 silkie, 2 australorps, 1 orpington, and 1 Wyandotte. That makes 17... My gosh 🤯

I started out with my RIRs, just wanted to keep a few chickens and have some good eggs... Well we all know about "chicken math" lol, and I also got on Instagram (if you want to follow me I'm Widow.Acre.Farm) and found the Easter eggers.. and I had to have some. Those are the only chickens I bought, the others were given to me for one reason or another.

I keep my chickens in an old carport that I converted into their run/coop. I put up a fence behind that for ducks that I had, but a pesky fox got them. So I made a "tunnel" to the old duck area, and it's now the "outside area" for the chickens.

Lastly, I sell my eggs to pay for their feed.. but I'm now interested in selling chicks. So I'm looking into a incubator... If anyone has any advice I'd love to take it!!

Thank you all!!

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