New to BYC I was lost & now I'm back

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  1. [​IMG] my babies
  2. Adorable! [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] Those are just adorable! Thank you for the smile!
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Your babies are gorgeous - would love to hug them all.
  7. [​IMG] My very first batch except 2 got eatin by raccoons, I was so upset and mad. Well they are not around any more they went to raccoon heaven. so we are fixing the coop better so nothing can get in it. We are also setting traps up and I'm not going to be so dumb and let others tell us how to make the coop. I have 10 from a batch I hatched in an incubator so I pray that they do better. I am looking for some more eggs to put in my incubator to have more but its so late in the season its hard to find any. I live in the thumb of Michigan If you knw of someplace to get so send to my e-mail address. Thanks for welcoming me to BYC. I love BYC because they give me so much great info. I'm going to try someplaces around here for some day old chicks or eggs. Everybody have a great day .
  8. [​IMG] I had a major problem , Some coon's got into my coop and killed all but 2 and ate 2 total I had 9 in the coop at the time. Thank god I didn't have all of mine out there at one time. I got 9 from a store and than got some from a friend they were 3 weeks apart so I don't want to put them together . I incubated 15 and got 10 babies. So I am looking for another place to get some more. I tried to send a message to one place around me but have not heard nothing yet I keep asking my friend but I think he's upset because he did two batches of 42 and got not one . I think it was his old incubator that was the problem or it could have been he was shaking them to see if something was in the eggs Dah, plus he had them on his dryer. So than he wanted me to incubate for him and my hubby said no because my ulcers acted up so bad I almost went to the hospital but I'm sorry It was my first time and I was checking the temp and all every 45 minutes lol. Now I think I could relax some and only look every hour and a half lol. I was not to sure about doing this and have to take care of chickens but I have totally fell in love with the whole thing. I love my chicks and my hubby is scared that I won't be able to cook some of them lol. I am staying away from the ones going in the cook pot . I do understand food is food and you have to do what you have to do . Now I see why you all talk so much about you chicks & even the layers and mamas. My gosh , I have turned into a chicken mama LOL. And I must thank BYC for all the info. that you and them put on line it helped me so much I thought I would be the best mom ever and than them darn coons got into my coop they chewed right threw the wood can you believe that. Well let me tell you they won't do it again I'm locking my coop like a fort. major over hall of the coop . I guess you live and learn but they won't get me this time If I'm marching around the coop all night they won't come lol. okay thanks to all that welcomed me and all of those that writes in and gives hints Ideas and a real big thanks to BYC.

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